Professional tableware or an original gift

Professional tableware or an original gift
Caviar dishes are used for serving caviar, serving, and decorating the festive table. In this role, they are an indispensable device for various catering establishments - cafes or restaurants. Such dishes are also relevant and in demand for home use, since the red and black game is one of the most beloved and popular delicacies in Russia.

But not every house has a caviar dish, crystal, or even simpler - glass. Therefore, exquisite, attractive, and stylish dishes for your favorite delicacies can be a win-win gift for friends, colleagues, or relatives.

So, if you decide to buy a Murano glass dish, you will make a practical and very prestigious present that will surely decorate any festive table!

Manufacturing materials

Today Murano glass caviar dishes are very popular. But this is not the only material that is used to obtain such dishes. There are models inlaid with precious stones, which turn these dishes into real pieces of art. Another interesting option is crystal caviar. Its price will be lower in comparison with a Murano glass piece, and its appearance will be no less elegant and convincing.

Forms and appearance

The caviar containers are very diverse in shape. The most popular are bowl-shaped models. Sometimes the products are specially made in the marine style - they make them look like an oyster, fish of the sturgeon family. Complex shapes, various decorations, ornate drawings, engraving - all this adds sophistication, aesthetic appeal, and originality to the models.

Caviar dishes with a spoon are often offered. With their help, you can conveniently apply caviar. An additional accessory is made in the style of the main product and has no less original design.