How can you spark up traditional serving of black caviar?

How can you spark up traditional serving of black caviar?
Traditional accompaniments for the “correct” caviar service are toast points, plain or swiped with unsalted sweet butter, and perhaps a drizzle of creme fraiche and a few droplets of fresh lemon juice.  

How can you spark up a traditional serving of black caviar?

Method one:

Warm buckwheat blinis (small, thin pancakes) or cooked baby potatoes. For a different twist on the topped potato. Caviar on little puffy potato pancakes with a dollop of shallot-chive sour cream. Other condiments shunned by connoisseurs but enjoyed by many are sieved egg yolks, finely chopped egg whites, and minced onion or fresh-snipped chives.

Method two, a special buffet table:

Stick the caviar in a small spoon. Crackers or toasted toast around. Separately place soft butter and butter knife. Provide the opportunity to make your own sandwiches. Drinks as in the previous version, for adults who wish, you can serve champagne.

Method three, buffet table without a pomposity:

Peel the hard-boiled eggs cut them in half, and put a small slide of caviar on top. Drinks according to age categories and preferences.

Method four, spontaneous:

Black caviar. Place caviar in a heap on slices of fresh cucumber. Serve soft butter separately.

Bon Appetit!