I love exquisite things!

I love exquisite things!
Whether it is a new designer bag with filigreed embroidery, (which I have been planning to buy for a long time and then got) or a pearl necklace gifted by my grandmother on my sixth birthday -  which I still wear on various family occasions.

These things are favored because they possess quality, awake positive feelings, and create warm memories!

When it comes food, I have the same love of exquisite quality, and Caviar stands alone as the most outstanding of luxury food! Most women crave to stay beautiful and youthful, I will be honest, I am no exception in this quest. Caviar is more than just a wonderful dish or treat, it is an extremely healthy product, full of important health giving vitamins which I love to have in my 'fridge instead of fish oils which personally I cannot stand. When I buy this exquisite product it makes me feel like a healthy beauty queen!

Instead of pancakes with maple syrup, try pancakes with Caviar for breakfast. It will enrich your diet and keep your vitamin levels high, Bruschetta with butter is another alternative (you can add vodka here too if you want to go Russian all the way), it goes well with the Foie gras (if you prefer a more Parisian cuisine). Or indulge yourself by eating a desert spoon full straight from the 'fridge!

Our Caviar eaten slightly cold will open up the flavors to dance on your tongue.


Anastasiya Lubinskaya