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Royal Touch brings you the finest caviar without the extravagant price tag and we never sacrifice quality to make that possible.

Royal Touch Caviar

We believe in paying homage to the storied history of the superfood we provide because it’s one filled with royals, nobles, and now you as well.

Experience the food of the Royals

Royal Touch Caviar has a history as rich as its flavor.

The Greek philosopher Aristotle was the first to record his love for the superfood, describing its presence on the tables of banquets he attended. And while the scholar may have heralded the first notation of the divine delicacy, it was the Russian Tsars that thrust it into the world spotlight, making it the epitome of luxury for that time and all times to follow.

In the 1200s the Tsars began to enjoy caviar at court and the lack of easy refrigeration at that time made the delicacy even more exclusive. Caviar went well with vodka and the vodka further served to highlight the roe’s unique and subtle taste. From Russia, caviar was shipped to European nobles and royals and upon reaching Europe it was called a “royal fish” and reserved exclusively for the ruling classes of the time. Even now, the food of royals remains a luxury worthy of both special occasions and daily indulgences and Royal Touch Caviar seeks to make that luxury a reality to those who truly enjoy it.

Royal Touch Caviar

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Royal Touch Caviar?

The Persian elite, long credited with giving caviar its name, called the superfood a “cake of strength” because of the medicinal properties they attributed to it even then.

Today, we know just how right those nobles truly were. In addition to being a delicious luxury, caviar offers a wealth of potential benefits for those who enjoy it and Royal Touch Caviar is no exception.

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Caviar can be an excellent source of easily digestible protein, meaning your body can easily process and use the nutrients it’s receiving.

Royal Touch’s caviars are an excellent source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. From eye health to hydrating skin, Omega 3’s help your body stay well and can help slow the physical and mental signs of aging. Eye health mental health brain health.

Along with B12, caviar also contains vitamins, A, B2, Zinc, Magnesium, B6, E, C, B12, B44, D, K, E, Iron, and Calcium among others.

Antioxidants, including selenium, offer protection from cell damage caused by free radicals in the body and help prevent disease. When coupled with iron (also found in caviar) selenium can help support bone, tooth, thyroid, and immune health.

One of the things that make caviar a superfood is its B12 content. B12 supports the function of your fatty acids and your red blood cell production as well. Keeping your B12 in check can help prevent things like anemia, circulation problems, fatigue, heart disease, and even depression.

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