Enjoy with love!

Enjoy with love!

Just wanted to say ‘Thank you!’ for your delicious product and all gifts that we have got. Going to the website – Specials tab you can view wonderful offers. We’ve already done several orders to try out different types of caviar and compare the taste, the flavor of different types.

At first, we went for the 9 oz but turned out that was a bit much for the two of us, next time we ordered a lesser amount. Better place another order than eat soft eggs on the next day. We left the caviar in the tin and put it in a fridge overnight and that may have been the problem because the taste was indeed different at dinner the next day. But if you are going to set up a branch with your dear friends – 9 oz is the right size.

However, with a special addition from Royal Touch Caviar, you will get as a gift plus 1 oz caviar or mother of Pearl spoon or French blinis or all together, specials depend on the size of caviar. That is nice. I’ve got as a gift a Mother of Pearl spoon and 1 oz caviar jar, such a cute additional detail to add to this sophisticated ritual of eating black caviar.

Thanks again for these interesting decadent delights among today’s burger booms. Would continue ordering from here again in the future.

P. S. plus get an extra 25% taken off at checkout using this promo code VAL25. Extend your Valentine's Day, the promo code is valid until the end of February.


Yours, Anastasiya Lubinskaya