Different taste?

Different taste?
The caviar tends to be quite a pricy purchase. I must agree with that. And if you are planning to purchase a jar or tin of caviar, remember about the shelf life of it.

The first time we bought osetra caviar in a jar, we were confident that we can prolong the period when we can enjoy our caviar by putting the caviar somewhere cold, but the next evening at dinner, we realized that the taste is pretty different. Even though the shelf life of open caviar can be said to be about 4 weeks, nevertheless, once the eggs are exposed to air they start to lose their texture and may taste softer.

In case you are going for the authentic experience of consuming caviar, make sure to eat it within 24 hours, that’s the best way and the best experience. Picky eaters should also store caviar that comes in tins somewhere else, not in the tins the caviar originally come in as it is said that storing caviar in a tin after opening it does not help anyway in preventing the caviar from air exposure, contamination and etc..

Therefore, as I’ve been mentioning prior, just eat your caviar within 24 hours after opening, no matter in what container it comes. Add a vodka shot and enjoy!



Anastasiya Lubinskaya